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Apostle Sherry Traylor

Apostle Sherry Traylor has been on the move in the creative arts arena for more than 35 years, using her gift of dance with the anointing of the Holy Spirit to reach the masses. She is an author, producer, director, choreographer, life coach, ordained minister, ordained Apostle, and playwriter.


Her dance ministry teams have ministered in South Africa, Costa Rica, Brazil, Bahamas, Japan, Barbados, and Jamaica, winning thousands of souls to Christ! She is also the founder of a dance mobile evangelistic ministry, Heaven’s Gate Dance Academy, an on-site dance company that travels to churches teaching and training dance ministries for worship events. Apostle Sherry serves as the founder and director of Psalms Dance and Creative Arts Network, Inc., a team of dance leaders who host and sponsor dance workshops, conferences, and community events.

Psalms also hosts their annual Dominion Worship Arts Conferences which over 600 delegates attend each year. In addition, Apostle Sherry is the creative arts leader of four additional churches.

As a Certified Life Coach, Apostle Sherry encourages artists in the expressed use of their gifts. She is highly requested to teach and speak at Worship Arts Events, Dance Concerts, Workshops, and Conferences. With playwriting under her belt, she has written and produced several drama presentations and choreographed over 200 dances for churches and various venues. Apostle Sherry has launched her Creative Production Company, A Sherry Traylor Project, where she writes plays for churches and inner-city youth to take part in building their talents.

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