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Psalms Dance & Creative Arts Network, Inc.

Psalms Dance & Creative Arts Network, Inc. (Psalms) is a network comprised of dance leaders, directors, and their communities, which provide a creative outlet for creative arts in the local area. We offer 16 years of service to churches, ministries, and communities. The foundation is made up of interrelated parts: The Ministry, The Community, Creative Arts Certificate Educational Program, Conferences, Concerts, and Outreach and Faith-based Events.

Our Vision

To teach, train, and equip communities everywhere through creative arts and educational programs.

Our Mission

To equip, produce, and train dancers in the arts. To professionally, and internationally, teach, and train dancers in spiritual dance practicum. We are committed to the highest artistic integrity and creative forms to reach out to our community, states, and nations!


Our nonprofit organization network of creative arts leaders, teachers, and instructors is designed to collaborate with schools, community leaders, and faith-based organizations locally and internationally. To help children, youth, and adults to stay creative.



  • By Inspiring creativity in the arts

  • By Helping students and communities discover and develop their own passions, strengths, and gifts

  • By Transforming lives of people

  • By Providing access to creative arts programs, events, and various educational programs that will help improve the next generation

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