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Dominion Certificate Course Program

The Dominion Certificate Course Program is hosted by Psalms Dance & Creative Arts Network, Inc. Our vision is to connect with a broad community of people coming together to create an atmosphere of Kingdom purpose in the earth. This Certificate Course Program is designed to build up worshipers and ministry leaders by educating, developing and sending out leaders for personal, spiritual, and ministry growth.

The Fortifiers Track

Enrollment begins February 7, 2022

12 Week Program 

(Payment plans are available)


Enrollment Cost Includes the certificate course, course materials, networking, and admission to the 2022 Dominion Worship Arts Conference.

Weekly Course Meeting Dates: April 2, 2022 - June 18, 2022

Participants will graduate after completing their classes, monthly homework assignments, and must complete their final assignments.  Students will partake in our annual Dominion Worship Arts Conference held in November.

Minister of Dance Certificate

Online Course: Zoom

You will be exposed to techniques and choreography of varying styles. The class consists of opening your eyes to see the whole vision of God-ordained movement and how to start and be a finisher of the gifts God has given you. You will have hands-on choreography and discover their calling as dance ministers. Students will be certified to teach at churches, events, and conferences.

The Book Writing Certificate

Online Course: Zoom

Scribes recorded prophecies, instructions, and scripture. Students will learn how to become an author, write your vision, understand the importance of book formatting, book cover presentation, publishing, networking, and activation. 

Leadership Certificate 

Online Course: Zoom

Leadership course.

The Company of Prophets Certificate

Online via Zoom and in-person course (Los Angeles, CA)

Join the Company of Prophets Certificate Course and be empowered in the ways of the prophetic. Extensive teaching, biblical discussions, activation, and impartation.

 You will gain a more comprehensive understanding of the prophetic through diligent biblical teaching and an opportunity to personally step into new levels as you experience what this class has to offer.

Dance Choreography & Technique Certificate

Online via Zoom and in-person course (Los Angeles, CA)

This course teaches students fundamental techniques and vocabulary in different dance styles, explore different choreography while learning the bible through dance. Students will gain understanding and develop an appreciation for dance learn how to express themselves and personal feelings through the art of dance.

The Power of Man Dance Certificate

Online Course: Zoom

The power of man dance course.

Instruments of Praise Certificate

Online Course: Zoom

This class focuses on the biblical and traditional use of liturgical instruments, the significance of colors, and its use in choreography. You will also learn basic techniques and proper care strategies. This is an open-level class seeking to take our worship and praise dance experience to a higher level.

Available Courses 

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