Dominion Certificate Course Program

The Dominion Certificate Course Program is hosted by Psalms Dance and Creative Arts Network, Inc. Our vision is to connect with a broad community of  people coming together to create an  atmosphere of Kingdom purpose in the earth. This Certificate Course Program is designed to build up worshipers and ministry leaders by educating, developing and sending out leaders for personal, spiritual and ministry growth.

The Elevation Track

Enrollment begins February 15, 2021


Enrollment Cost $150.00

(Payment plans are available)


Enrollment Cost Includes Certificate course, course materials, networking, and admission to the Dominion Worship Arts Conference 2021 in San Antonio, Texas on November 13, 2021.

Monthly Course Meeting Dates: April 3, 2021 - October 30, 2021 from 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM PDT via Zoom.

Location: Online (Zoom platform)

Participants will graduate after completing their classes, monthly homework assignments, and must complete their final on November 13th.  Students will partake in our annual Dominion Conference held in November and be involved in Psalms Dance and Creative Arts Network’s events.

Ministers License Certificate

This class consists of Licensing for the local church to give you recognition, authorization, and affirmation by stepping into your calling and gifts and skills for ministry. Biblical teaching and training, ministerial care, Community Outreach, setting up your ministry, ministry marketing, social media, and more!

The Book Writing Certificate

Scribes recorded prophecies, instructions, and scripture. Students will learn how to become an author, write your vision, understand the importance of book formatting, book cover presentation, publishing, networking, and activation. 

 Administration Ministry Certificate

Students will learn leadership effectiveness through the spiritual gift of Administration using a biblical foundation, business theories, leadership models, and human behavior. Each administrator will reflect upon their leadership strength and weaknesses, identify what they are called to do in Five-Fold ministry, and learn how their personality impact how they see themselves and interact with other people when fulfilling the vision.

The Company of Prophets Certificate

This course is designed to help you understand the office of a Prophet/Prophetess and how to activate this gift in your life and ministry. Biblical teaching and illustrations will be shared and exercised through teaching, homework, impartation, and training. You must learn how to hear from God and activate what you are hearing, seeing, thinking, and perceiving in the form of prophetic words. However, this will never happen if you allow fear, shyness, and timidity to rule.

Mime Ministry Certificate

This class will equip and teach students on the basic fundamentals of Mime Ministry, provide a solid biblical theology in both power and practice, and impart the gifts and anointing of the Holy Spirit.

The Business Profit Certificate

Learn how you can impact the marketplace. Students will learn the power of vision, capacity building, how marketing and money matters, create an executive plan, expand your digital footprint on social media, and brand creation.

Waves of His Glory

Waves of His Glory was developed to aid those who have the desire to worship and praise God in a creative way through the ministry of flags and other worship tools. You may be thinking, what is a worship warrior? A worship warrior is someone who is passionate in their worship and praise to God.

Available Courses